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Stone finish paint

(External Apllications) manufacturers & Applicators

Manufacturers & Appliers of External stone finish Paints

Stone Finish Paint is a premium Quality water based coating consisting of crushed in-organic colored natural stone aggregates and bound with high build acrylic resin binder.

It is applicable on external facades, lobbies and corridors for the commercial & residential buildings, Shopping Malls, Hotels, Airports, Schools, Villas and Boundary walls. It can be applied on primed surface of Plaster, Concrete, Synthetic Gypsum board, GRP, pre-cast panels, thermal claddings etc.

Product Features:
  • Very economical and easy application when compared with fixing of Granite/GRP/Aluminum/Glass cladding
  • Excellent color retention due to natural stone chips
  • Scratch & Abrasion resistant
  • Looks like natural Stone finish
  • Light weight and long-life surface adhesion
  • Wide range of colors: Single, Double & Triple tone colors
  • Water, UV, Dust and Fungal resistant when combined with our range of clear top coats for different climatic regions
  • Easy cleaning; washing with high pressure water pump
  • Weather proof; practically odorless & water thinnable.